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Loneliness and Aging: An Epidemic
It is estimated that up to 16% of older adults experience social isolation. According to Statistics Canada, 17.3% reported feeling excluded often or some of the time. What are the factors that contribute to social isolation? Below is a list from the National Seniors Council. Keep Reading
Personal Care Services: Enhancing Well-Being and Quality of Life
Aging is a part of life for everyone, but how we experience these later years is far from universal. Many people imagine this process happening in a retirement community or a nursing home. For some, this is an amazing option that fulfills their personal and medical needs. Keep Reading
A Comprehensive Guide to Dementia Care: Support When You Need It
While aging is a natural process for us all, certain conditions like dementia can make those “golden years” more difficult for some than others. Dementia can mean seeing loved ones lose precious memories you shared with them or even watching their personality change. Keep Reading
What is Companion Care? A Guide for Seniors & Families
As individuals age, they often face challenges that impact their independence and overall... Keep Reading
Register Today: Free Webinar on Infection Prevention in the Home
Join us on Thursday, February 15, 2024 at 1:00 PM ET for a virtual session focused on best practice considerations for infection prevention in the home setting. Keep Reading
Best Practice Strategies: ‘Smart Aging’ Education for Older Adults and Caregiving Teams
Many older adults make significant life decisions in crisis moments — but many don’t realize that doing this could harm their well-being. That’s because making rash decisions typically involves a lack of resources, information, and tools needed to make the best choices. Keep Reading
ComForCare FAQs
Because professional care, when done right, is such a deeply personal experience, there is no one good answer for this. What constitutes “the right in-home care provider” will depend on what your loved one needs. Some providers may not be able to provide all the needed support for people with dementia or for people with certain disabilities. Keep Reading
Fitness for Seniors: How to Stay Fit While Aging in Place
It’s a new year, and that means most of us are thinking about making healthy changes. Whether... Keep Reading
Caring for Aging Parents: Your Guide to Getting it Right
When your parent needs more extensive care than the occasional drop-in, it can get overwhelming quickly. Switching from child to caregiver is not easy. Keep Reading
The Heart of ComForCare: One Caregiver's Dedication to Relationships in Care
If you have an aging loved one in your life, making the decision to seek care can be difficult.... Keep Reading
Finding Peace and Relief: How Respite Care Benefits You and Your Loved Ones
Whether you or your loved one has had an unexpected accident, a major health event such as stroke or heart attack, or has to undergo major surgery, there can be times when care needs go beyond basic recovery needs. Keep Reading
The Benefits of Live-in Care: A Comprehensive Guide
As we age, everyone’s care needs are different. Some people prefer to move to a senior living community for added sociability or because they require medical assistance. Keep Reading
Identifying When In-Home Care is Needed for People with Dementia
Dementia is a broad term for a symptom that covers a suite of symptoms. Because of this, determining when a person with dementia needs in-home care services is different from one individual to the next. Keep Reading
Top 5 Reasons to Consider Home Care Assistance for Older Adults
If you have an aging family member, chances are high that they want to continue living at home for... Keep Reading
Your Guide to Hiring the Perfect Senior Caregiver for In-Home Help
Are you taking care of an aging family member at home? Is an older adult in your life beginning to... Keep Reading
What Makes ComForCare’s Services Unique
While there are many in-home care services available to seniors, ComForCare is unique in many ways, which takes your loved ones’ care to new heights. Keep Reading
Hourly Care Services: Tailoring Care to Your Schedule
Many seniors are reluctant to leave their homes and enter a retirement residence or long-term care facility yet they are also no longer able to fulfill the duties and tasks associated with living in their homes. Keep Reading
Senior and Elder Care Management
Regardless of your situation or location, our professional caregivers are ready to help you find the right elderly home care services. Keep Reading
Navigating the Journey of Dementia Care: Tips and Insight
If a loved one is struggling with a form of dementia, it can be difficult as a family member or friend to navigate this new journey you’re on with them. Keep Reading
Choosing the Right Care Provider for Your Loved One
When choosing a care provider, the sheer number of options can be overwhelming, especially if you’re not sure what you’re looking for. Keep Reading

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