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24-Hour Care for Seniors: Ensuring Safety & Well-Being Around the Clock

24-Hour Care for Seniors: Ensuring Safety & Well-Being Around the Clock

As people age, they may need more help than they used to earlier. In some cases, this can mean they need help round-the-clock. While some families try to provide this level of care on their own, the care-recipient's needs are often greater than what an untrained individual can provide. The common problem that people face is finding someone who can provide this constant care to their elderly family members.

Contact us today to get in touch with one of our senior care advisors to find a care partner you can trust. If you want to learn more about our 24-hour home care before getting in touch, continue reading below.

How 24-Hour Home Care Benefits You

  • A Healthier Form – From ensuring someone takes their medication on time to preventing falls, consistent care means seeing your loved ones at their healthiest in a simpler way.
  • Peace of Mind – You will know for certain that your loved one is looked after.
  • Greater Independence – Many people think of 24/7 home care and believe it results in less independence. However, getting help with day-to-day activities means the care recipient can do more in their life outside of daily maintenance.
  • More Time to Do What Matters – Consistent care can also help free up time otherwise spent on everyday tasks. This opens the opportunity to focus on what fills a person’s life with joy and meaning – whether it is spending more time in nature, with family, or pursuing a passion.

Who 24-Hour Homecare Services Can Help Most

Not everyone needs round-the-clock care, but it can be the right answer for people with specific needs, including:

People with memory issues – This refers to services like 24-hour home care for dementia patients or people with memory issues due to other illnesses. Regardless of the reason someone has memory issues, consistent care can be crucial for their overall well-being. Depending on how advanced someone’s memory loss is, they may have trouble remembering to do important aspects of their daily life, like taking medications, visiting the doctor, or paying bills. 

People in need of palliative care – Not everyone in palliative care will need constant supervision. However, when you are prioritizing comfort, consistent help is often the best answer. 24-hour home care services can be as simple as providing meals and grabbing another pillow, but it can also help with the more complex aspects of patient care.

People with mobility issues – Having care at all times is not always about addressing more complex care needs. Sometimes it is about helping patients with disabilities and offering quality of life improvements. For some people with mobility difficulties, the decision to choose 24-hour home care may be to conserve energy. Getting help with activities of daily living can allow the care recipient to use their energy elsewhere.

What to Expect from 24-Hour At-Home Care

  • Help with Daily Activities - One of the major reasons for people to choose this type of care is that there will always be someone to help with crucial personal upkeep. This includes toileting assistance, help getting dressed, and other hygiene assistance. Choosing this type of care ensures their quality of life and health are preserved and supported.
  • Basic Housekeeping – While at-home care professionals are by no means a cleaning service, they can still help keep the house running. From washing the dishes to doing the laundry, keeping a clean space helps with both hygiene and overall mental state. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that this is often done at an additional fee.
  • Nutritional Assistance – Similar to light housekeeping, nutritional assistance is often offered as an add-on service for 24-hour at-home care. It involves preparing meals for your loved one throughout the day. The carer’s knowledge of the patient’s health concerns can help them prepare nutritious meals to improve their overall health. 
  • Medication Management – While most at-home care professionals cannot administer medication, they can help their care recipient remember what to take and when to take it. They can also order and pick up medications when necessary.

Finding 24-Hour Care Near You 

If you’re looking for this type of specialized care for you or your loved one, it is important to find a reliable, trusted source, like ComForCare. We provide personalized care plans that cater to the unique needs of the recipient. We believe in prioritizing the quality of life and well-being of everyone, regardless of their age, diagnosis, and circumstances. 

Contact us today to learn more about our 24-hour home care services and whether they are the right fit for you.

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