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Safely Storing Medication Around Grandchildren

For children, visiting their grandparents’ house can be a fun and exciting place to explore. Not only do they get a chance to see their family and have grandma’s famous stuffed cabbage, but they have a new environment to investigate. As children are notoriously curious and looking to learn about their new world, it is our job to make sure they do so safely. One of the biggest concerns is storing medication safely, as medications can be colourful and often look like candy in the eyes of a child.  
If possible, the first thing to do is make sure all medications are stored in their original container with the child safety cap on and sealed tight. After all medications are sealed, it’s important to place them out of a child’s view and reach. As the saying goes, “out of sight, out of mind.” Ideally, it is best to keep all medications locked up in either a cabinet or drawer with a child latch or lock. Additionally, you can use a medication safe that requires a key or combination for entry. 
Being ready to address potential medication ingestion is also vital in making sure grandchildren are safe in the home. The Canadian Association of Poison Control Centres (CAPCC) states, “If you have a poisoning emergency, contact your provincial poison centre by telephone immediately. If the victim is unconscious, not breathing or having a seizure, call 911. This site does not provide emergency assistance to individuals seeking information on specific treatment for poisoning or other diseases. A list of all provincial poison centre phone numbers can be found on the CAPCC website. 
Finally, it is important to teach children about the importance of not playing with medication containers or ingesting anything that isn’t given to them by an adult. Teaching children early on and knowing what to do can help you be prepared and hopefully prevent possible injuries.

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