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Benefits of Short-Term Home Care Services for Seniors & Their Families

Benefits of Short-Term Home Care Services for Seniors & Their Families

When people think about professional care, they often imagine older adults who have made a home in a vibrant community. However, this is only one of many possibilities for professional care. While a lot of care services have long term solutions in mind, there is a specific type—respite care services—which focuses on providing a finite period of care due to various needs.

Contact us now to get matched up with a short-term home care professional who will help you or your loved one heal as effectively as possible. If you would prefer to learn more before making any decisions, read on.

Reasons for Using At-Home Short-Term Senior Care Near You

  • Upcoming surgery – Your recovery period after surgery can be crucial to its overall success. As surgery is stressful for the body to have to endure, if you do not rest, you can risk hampering the healing process. Respite services help you focus all your time and energy on getting better.
  • Sudden changes in health – Respite care can be a bridge to more permanent care options. As we age, dramatic changes in our health can feel like they happen overnight. At-home respite care ensures you have the support you need while finding a more permanent option.
  • Respite facilities near you are not the right fit - When people think of professional care, they often think of a live-in residence. However, this simply is not the right fit for some people. At-home care options help your loved ones get help they might not have otherwise pursued due to “not wanting to live in a home”.
  • Caregiver fatigue – Even the most accomplished care professional can succumb to fatigue at times. Asking for help is the responsible thing to do. Respite care can be a short-term way to help another professional caregiver get the rest they need.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing Short-Term Respite Care

  • Budget 

At-home care options can accommodate a wide range of budgets, so it is important for you and your loved ones to sit down and determine what care services are necessary and what you can afford. Receiving respite care services in a timely fashion is important, but it should never become a drain on your finances. Thankfully, most at-home care providers will be happy to sit down and discuss your budget to ensure your needs and budget are met.

  • Important Dates 

Whether you have a family vacation planned or an upcoming surgery that inspired you to look for respite care near you, knowing your schedule before booking is crucial. We also understand that some dates can be subject to change, so letting your care provider know this allows them to set up respite care professionals with flexible scheduling.

  • Contact List 

Assemble the contact information of anyone who should know about pressing changes in health or emergencies. This way, if something does happen, everyone will be informed.

Key Features of Short-Term Care for Seniors

Toileting assistance & hygiene help – People receiving respite care may not be able to take care of their basic needs for a period of time. Your care professional is ready to help.

Meal preparation – To help you focus on healing above all else, many at-home care respite professionals will either cook meals for you or heat up food that is provided by their employer.

Light housework – Assistance with daily housekeeping can be an important way to help facilitate the healing process. It is also useful for anyone with temporary mobility issues.

Your Source for Short-Term Home Care You Can Trust

Choosing what care options work best for your respite needs can be a difficult task. Most people looking for it for themselves or a loved one may be doing it for the first time. Thankfully, you are in the right place to get top-quality care when you need it most.

Contact us today to speak with one of our friendly, knowledgeable team members about finding you or your loved one senior respite care near you.

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