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Comfort Around the Clock: 24-Hour Home Care Services for Seniors & Dementia Patients

Comfort Around the Clock: Navigating 24-Hour Home Care Services for Seniors & People with Dementia

The decision to get 24-hour home care for you or a loved one is a difficult one to make because it means admitting you need help, and it involves letting a new person into your home during a vulnerable time. However, when you receive help from the right care partner, it can make a world of difference. 

Given the process of finding this ideal situation can be daunting, we are here to outline the process and provide informative solutions to guide your choice.

Contact us now to book a discovery call and find an at-home care professional near you. We always find a caregiver who is perfect for you or your loved one. If you want to learn more first, keep reading!

Defining 24-Hour At-Home Care

This style of care is defined by the need to have round-the-clock care coverage. It can be helpful for older adults and people with consistent care needs. 24-hour care is a popular option for people who have dementia or other illnesses that cause issues with memory, motor skills, and cognition.

Identifying the Signs: When Home Care Near You is Necessary

As with other health care changes that come with age, taking a proactive approach is a good strategy. Similarly, knowing when to reassess current needs is vital for getting the most out of retirement. The following are signs that you can use to identify when it is time to adjust your loved one’s current care plan:

  • Forgetting Medication – This is at the top of our list for a reason. Depending on what kind of medication you or your loved one are taking, missing doses could result in serious health consequences. Almost all psychiatric medication requires consistent dosage to work optimally, along with heart medications and other lifesaving prescriptions.
  • Trouble with Personal Hygiene – Maintaining proper hygiene is not just a matter of keeping up appearances. It helps contribute to a person’s quality of life and overall health. If hygiene is ignored, it can lead to dangerous skin infections, tooth decay, and more.
  • Falling Behind on Housework – Similar to hygiene, this issue extends far beyond the surface. Living in a dirty space can increase a person’s stress levels and cause poor health outcomes. If a living space is left unclean long enough, especially with food waste or other biodegradable materials, it can attract critters or fungal growth.
  • Mobility or Transportation Issues – If you need a wheelchair, have arrested motor function, or simply aren’t able to drive a car, your ability to socialize is likely severely limited. Social connections play a significant part in overall health, as isolation can negatively affect both physical and mental health.
  • Recent Changes in Personality – Certain types of dementia, such as frontotemporal dementia, can cause dramatic changes to your loved one’s character. This kind of dementia can result in a decline in motor function and memory issues. People suffering from severe dementia symptoms often require 24-hour home care.

The Advantages of 24-Hour Home Care for Dementia Patients and Older Adults

Everyone’s experience with dementia is different, as there are various types and people experience symptoms in a variety of ways. 
In general, 24-hour care offers an opportunity to prioritize health in your loved one’s life. This can result in better nutrition, hygiene, mental state, and more. It also means that if anything does go wrong, you can be sure it is dealt with as quickly as possible; our caregivers will also be able to inform you and other family members in a timely manner.

Factors to Consider Before Looking at 24-Hour Home Care

  • Budget – Your care needs are important, but you also need to make sure you can pay for these services. Research government assistance or other funding sources and ask your at-home care provider about pricing plans to learn more.
  • Care Needs – While you are looking for providers, it’s essential to know what care services you or your loved one need. For some, it may mean medication management and nutrition assistance, while for others, it might be daily activities to stimulate cognitive functioning.
  • Extra Services – While ensuring your health is a priority, you may want to request help with chores around the house, like laundry or cleaning, or other essentials, such as grocery shopping or rides to social engagements. Determine if your preferred care provider offers these services.
  • Personality Match – Because a 24-hour care professional will be around you or your loved one constantly, it is important to consider what kind of person you want. For instance, a more introverted person may be more comfortable with a care professional who has no issue with longer periods of silence. Or if someone has mental health concerns, a live-in caregiver with experience in that area could be an asset.

Common Features of 24-Hour At-Home Care

  • Transportation – Depending on your reason for needing at home care, help with transportation may be crucial.
  • Meal Services – Ensure the person receiving care is getting the nutrition they need for optimal health.
  • Hygiene Assistance – At-home care professionals can help a person stay clean and well-groomed. This can mean everything from showering to hair brushing.
  • Medication Management – Staying consistent with medication is crucial and 24-hour homecare services can offer medication reminders and delivery to make sure you or your loved one are receiving the right dosages.
  • Toileting Help – If toileting becomes a struggle, it is important to have a caregiver who can help. Without proper toileting assistance, your loved one could accidentally injure themselves or be put in a situation they cannot control.
  • Basic Housekeeping – While a care professional will not be able to help with deep cleaning, they can provide everyday maintenance to ensure your home runs smoothly and remains sanitary.

Your Source for Reliable Home Care Near You

While we commend you for trying to figure this out on your own, there is no need to continue without support. You have found a 24-hour home care services partner who can help you find an at-home care professional that is perfect for your needs.

Contact us to set up a discovery call with one of our friendly team members. They will work with you to better understand what your exact care needs are and pair you with one of our talented caregivers.

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