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Hourly Care Services: Tailoring Care to Your Schedule

Hourly Care Services: Tailoring Care to Your Schedule

Many seniors are reluctant to leave their homes and enter a retirement residence or long-term care facility yet they are also no longer able to fulfill the duties and tasks associated with living in their homes. This situation often requires family members to step in and provide the necessary support to enable their loved ones to remain in the comfort of their own home. 

As many adults have families of their own, work responsibilities, and much more, it isn’t always feasible to provide their parents or elderly loved ones with the time and support that they need. A simple solution to this predicament is to engage in hourly care from an in-home care company like ComForCare. 

Not sure what hourly home care is? Not to worry! In this blog, we will dive deeper into the various kinds of customized care schedules that ComForCare provides families in need. 

Family Caregivers: Taking a Break

Oftentimes, family members will provide much of the support that their elderly loved ones need. Whether they help to prepare meals and clean the house or provide companionship and assistance during strenuous tasks, such as toileting and bathing, family caregivers can become overwhelmed and in need of a break.

With customized care schedules, family caregivers can be relieved by one of ComForCare’s professional caregivers, offering them the chance to rest, relax, and recuperate. Our caregivers are available around the clock, seven days a week, including holidays, which ensures that family members have access to the support needed, and it can be tailored to their unique schedule.

Part-Time Caregiving

Part-time caregiving is an excellent way to ensure your elderly loved ones are cared for while family members are at work or out of the house. Our trained caregivers can arrive prior to your departure and provide companionship, support, and compassion while you have to be out of the house. They are screened for empathy, expertise, and training to ensure they are the right fit. 

Accessing Caregivers On-Demand

Another kind of hourly home care we offer at ComForCare is caregivers on-demand. This service entails a professionally trained caregiver showing up at the home of your loved one, despite it being a quick request. This option is perfect if another caregiver is unavailable, a family member’s plans changed, or your loved one requires immediate assistance. This kind of flexible caregiving also allows you to experience last-minute changes or circumstances and not have to worry about who will be there to care for your loved one.

Choosing ComForCare for Hourly Care

At ComForCare, our goal is to help seniors live the best life they possibly can in the comfort of their own home. While our caregivers are available to provide companionship and assistance to your loved ones, they also support families by reducing stress and relieving worry. 

If you’re interested in learning more about our hourly home care services, we encourage you to give us a call today. We will walk you through each service we provide and better understand which one best meets your unique needs.

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