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ComForCare/At Your Side DementiaWise® Program

We are committed to creating better days with person-centered dementia care. Through evidence-based practice and advanced staff training, we ensure our clients, living with dementia, receive proper care, health services, social stimulation, condition monitoring, and thoughtful companionship.

95% of our offices are DementiaWise® certified.

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About DementiaWise®

DementiaWise® is an occupation-based, team-centered training program, which serves to help home care teams resolve dementia-related challenges collaboratively with clients and their families. Agencies and their teams complete DementiaWise video training modules to learn about Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementia, Lewy body dementia, frontotemporal dementia, and other forms of dementia. With an integrated essentiaALZ® exam provided by the Alzheimer’s Association, these modules both enhance and review our franchise owners’ dementia care expertise.

National Recognition

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Our DementiaWise program is recognized by the Alzheimer’s Association for incorporating evidence-based Dementia Care Practice Recommendations. Learn more about our national recognition for Dementia Care.

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Research-Informed Outcomes

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A mixed-methods study was completed by student researchers in the Duke University Occupational Therapy Doctoral Program in collaboration with Partnerships for Health, which supported DementiaWise training for home care teams.

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DementiaWise® Approach

We offer a variety of services to fit the needs of clients and their families and specialize in care for those living with Alzheimer’s or dementia.Our innovative approach is changing the way home care agencies approach dementia care training across the U.S. and Canada. Our high volume of certified locations results in better consistency and outcomes. People with dementia have unique needs and can often continue to live at home throughout the disease progression. The varying types of dementia can diminish a person’s ability to understand and communicate, alter their behavior and moods, and affect their physical health. Even an extension of six to 12 months at home can benefit people with dementia and their families. ComForCare understands the disease’s progression and caters plans to clients’ current needs to help them live at home as long as possible and feel at home no matter where they live. We optimize an individual’s remaining abilities and focus on meaningful connections and beneficial activities that help enhance the quality of life.

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Caregiver Training

DementiaWise is accessible to all employees. The best practice is for caregivers to watch DementiaWise training as part of their onboarding. We are proud of the current statistics that support implementation across all agencies.

74.37% of total employees enrolled in our Learning Management System (LMS) completed DementiaWise® training.

In comparison to other programs, this enrollment is a significant accomplishment.

DementiaWise Courses
Total completed trainings

**Percentages are accurate as of August 2022 and represent the total number of caregivers, who may/may not be active employees in comparison to the total number that are enrolled in LMS**

Program Evaluation Study

Caregivers attribute positive outcomes to specific features of DementiaWise, including an emphasis on communication, helping clients live life to the fullest, seeing clients in their totality, and developing soft skills for caregiving on a team. To further support the DementiaWise impact, ComForCare collaborated with Duke University Occupational Therapy Doctoral Division to conduct a program evaluation study in 2022.

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DementiaWise Produces Higher Self-efficacy

DementiaWise (DW) training was positively associated with higher self-efficacy among home care team members at ComForCare. The odds of higher self-efficacy in those who watched/rewatched DW was 1.6 times the odds of higher self-efficacy in those who have not yet watched DW.

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DementiaWise Produces Higher Satisfaction

DementiaWise (DW) training was positively associated with higher satisfaction among ComForCare home care team members. The odds of higher satisfaction in those who watched DW were 2.2 times the odds of higher satisfaction in those who have not yet watched DW.

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