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What Is Personal Care?

Sometimes, older adults or people recovering from an illness or injury just need assistance with everyday activities. ComForCare Home Care offers need based caregiving options to help you the person you love live a happier, more productive life at home, for as long as possible. With flexible scheduling, custom care packages, caregiver matching based on needs and personality, and our genuine dedication to providing compassionate companion and elder care, you can have peace of mind knowing your family member or friend is in good hands and getting the best care possible. Personal care services from ComForCare are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week - including holidays. Services vary by location.

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Personalized In-Home Care Services

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Light Housekeeping

Sometimes, household chores can be difficult for older adults or those recovering from an illness or injury. In these cases, Personal caregivers are happy to assist with light housekeeping tasks such as washing dishes, vacuuming, dusting and folding laundry.

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Reliable transportation helps to maximize independence and offers flexibility in a client’s day. Personal care caregivers can help clients run errands, attend doctor appointments, enjoy social activities or just get out of the house for a while.

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Meal Planning
and Preparation

Healthy and delicious meals can be cooked right in the client’s own kitchen. If a client has a special diet or just needs help eating healthier, our caregivers can work with them to plan, shop and fix meals.

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Safety Supervision

Our No. 1 priority is providing the best care possible. That means keeping clients safe in the comfort of their own home. Our caregivers provide general supervision and offers home safety checks and fall risk assessments.

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Family Respite

At ComForCare, we believe to be at your best to care for someone else, you must first take care of yourself. By sharing caregiving duties with one of our professionals, family caregivers can take the time to get some much-needed rest and to continue doing the things they enjoy.

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Medication Reminders

Caregivers are trained to work with client-specific medication profiles to ensure all medication is taken as prescribed at the correct time every day.

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Personal Care

Participating in meaningful activities allows older adults to have human connections and can help make their day brighter. Caregivers can play card games, read novels or magazines, listen to music, or just chat with clients.

Personal Care FAQ 

What are personal home care services?

They are the services received from the comfort of your home that might otherwise be administered at a long-term care facility or retirement home. They’re ideal for the independent older adult who wants assistance and to remain where they feel most comfortable. Contact us to learn more about what our personal care services can do for you.

What is a personal care worker, and what services do they provide?

A personal care worker is someone who you hire to help around the house with cleaning, laundry, personal hygiene, and more. Their services include:

  • Bathing assistance
  • Transportation
  • Meal planning & preparation
  • Light housekeeping & laundry
  • Medication management

What distinguishes personal home care from other care options?

Personal home care will typically have a lower level/intensity of medical care. This type of care is centered around basic support and assistance for day-to-day activities. These services do not typically focus on medical needs, so examples may include housekeeping, transportation support, and daily hygiene.

How can I find reputable personal care homes near me?

The best way to start looking is to talk to your family doctor; they will understand what level of care you need. We suggest you search online to see what’s available, as well as to find your preferred provider. We also recommend looking for in-home care options, as they could be the better option for many people.

What is private home health care, and how does it differ from other care options?

As the name suggests, private home health care is provided in the comfort of one’s own home. This care is often tailored to an individual’s unique needs and symptoms. 
In comparison to other care options, the main difference is that individuals are not required to leave their home and move elsewhere to receive support. They can remain comfortable and independent in their own home.

What types of personal care assistance do you offer?

Some types of personal care assistance we offer at ComForCare include:

What specific personal care services do you provide?

Our services can include:

  • Medication management
  • Transportation services, including to and from medical and social meetings
  • Meal planning and preparation
  • Safety supervision
  • Light housekeeping
  • Personal hygiene assistance

How can I find a private care home near me that meets my specific preferences?

We recommend you speak with your family doctor about what your care needs are, so you understand exactly what is required. Then, we encourage you to search online to find some options you are interested in. Once you’ve picked top contenders, speak with them on the phone to learn more about the care they provide. For more information, meet with these providers in person.

What are the benefits of choosing personal home care over other care options?

The main benefits of choosing personal home care are:

  • Being in the comfort of your home; a relaxed person is often a healthier person.
  • It can be easier to accept care in this context; some people don’t like the idea of moving elsewhere to receive care.
  • It’s easier for loved ones to visit or help.
  • Care plans are executed one-to-one, whereas the ratio of patients to care staff is different in facilities.

How can I access your personal home care services?

Contact us to access our personal home care services. One of our knowledgeable representatives will talk to you through what you need to know and begin the process of matching you with excellent home care professionals.

Why More Families Trust ComForCare
for Their In-Home Care Needs

With ComForCare at your side, you can feel confident in the care you or your loved one is receiving. You can feel comfortable knowing a dedicated caregiver is there to help. Our responsive management team is waiting to answer any questions that come up; therefore, you can rest assured you will always be heard, taken care of and able to live your best life possible.

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Our Care Process

Our personalized approach to care sets us apart. We understand every person and every situation is unique, so we use our care process to identify specific needs and create a care plan that meets them.

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Proactive Startup Process

Strong team involvement at the beginning helps ensure all needs are addressed upfront and creates a more comprehensive care plan.

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In-Home Assessments
and Reassessments

Our thorough in-home assessment, customized care plan development and ongoing oversight gives peace of mind to clients and family members.

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Management Engagement and
Quality Assurance Measures

ComForCare is committed to providing outstanding customer service. Our care process includes supervisory visits and ongoing communication to ensure our clients’ satisfaction.

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Elite Caregivers and
Hiring Process

We match our caregivers and clients based on their personalities, backgrounds and social histories. Caregivers are then trained to work with clients' specific needs and special requests. Each caregiver is bonded and insured, and we ensure they meet a rigorous hiring process with ongoing training and evaluations through their employment with ComForCare.

  • "Patricia has been great with my 93 year old mother!"
    She's creative and just seems to know what my mother needs and wants. She's a great aid to me knowing doctors visits, prescription pick-up and grocery runs are all taken care of - big load off my mind and schedule.
  • "The owners and nurse are fantastic!"
    Always willing to take calls from my Mom and explain things in a way she and I can understand. Also walked us through the insurance process. That was not easy and their expertise was greatly appreciated.
  • "ComForCare has given me peace of mind!"
    The fact that ComForCare was able to step in with certified dementia care specialists and begin caring for my father has been fantastic. The staff and caregivers are both sympathetic and empathetic and I feel it has helped my father during this difficult time. It has also given me peace of mind since I live a long distance from my father, and the communication from staff and caregivers is reassuring.