How to Be A Better Ally for the LGBT+ Community

Paul Iarrobino, accomplished speaker, trainer and trusted advisor with over three decades of gerontology experience will host this free virtual workshop.

Imagine living openly, marching in pride parades and fundraising for community causes important to you, but then having to hide who you are in your own home out of fear that you will not be accepted by your caregivers. This a sad reality for a growing number of LGBT+ older adults, but as a helping professional you can make a difference.

By the end of this educational program, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the importance of understanding LGBT+ terminology and using terms appropriately
  • Identify historical oppression and trauma experienced by LGBT+ older adults, barriers to accessing services, and ways to create a more welcoming LGBT+ environment
  • Describe ways to provide agile and inclusive care based on current research findings, best practices and field experience

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