Fall Risk Management

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One in four older adults fall every year. However most falls can be avoided.

The result of a fall can be both physical, such as a hip fracture, or emotional, such as the fear of falling again. Both of these can reduce quality of life.

Falls are not a normal part of aging, and while no fall can be totally prevented, there is a lot you can do to reduce your chances of a fall.

ComForCare will partner with you, your caregiver, and your healthcare provider to identify factors that could lead to a fall and suggest interventions to improve your independence and well-being.

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How to Reduce Your Risk

ComForCare encourages clients and families to take proactive steps to reduce at-home fall risks by talking with their primary care physician about these common prevention methods:

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  • Being aware of medication side effects
  • The need for a walker, cane or other assistive device
  • A referral to a physical/occupational therapist for appropriate exercises to strengthen their muscles
  • Participating in a fall prevention program

When risk factors are not managed properly, it can lead to an unplanned fall. And when falls do happen, we work hard to identify the reasons and develop the right plan for you.

Gaitway: ComForCare's Comprehensive Approach to Managing Fall Risk

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The goal of the Gaitway program is to:
  • Minimize the risk of falls among older adults living at home
  • Empower you to understand factors that can lead to an increased risk of falling, as well as tools you can use to reduce your risk
  • Educate direct care workers who are helping clients manage their health
During a home safety evaluation, a trained professional will look at things such as:
  • Are rugs and runners slip-resistant?
  • Is there torn or loose carpeting?
  • Is there adequate lighting? 

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Our Approach

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Our Fall Risk Screening is sourced from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) - the trusted source of proven evidence-based tools for mitigating fall risk. Our program is unique to ensure our clients receive the best possible assessment, taking all factors into consideration.

We have partnered with a practicing physical therapist who is a leading expert on exercise programs for fall prevention.

After your screening, we suggest custom interventions that can help reduce your risk. Our offices are educated on how to assess risk for falls and identify ways to reduce them.

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